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ROH Pure Title Tournament Participant: Jonathan Gresham

Since Jonathan Gresham made his ROH debut in the 2011 Top Prospect Tournament, many fans noted that he was tailor made for the Pure Championship Division. “The Foundation” fits like a glove, as his ability to tie opponents up in submissions and quick pins leave them no choice but to seek rope breaks. And for one half of the World Tag Team Champions, the Pure Rules can take away sometimes the only method of escape for his foes: the rope break.

Gresham’s surgical precision has made him a threat in all divisions but his knowledge and application of the rules, for better or worse, have taken his career to a different level. A genius inside of the ring, Gresham, one of two men to compete in the last Pure Rules match at Best in the World 2019, is one of the odds-on favorites to add his name to the storied lineage of the Pure Championship.

If there was ever a Number One seed announced, Gresham would have to be among them for his ability to cradle, capture, bend, manipulate, twist, turn, and tie-up his opponents. And who will be able to stop Gresham when he forces his opponents to burn their rope breaks early in their match?

The road to the Pure Title starts in Columbus! Keep it locked into for the announcement of all 16 competitors and first-round match-ups you will see in Columbus and Pittsburgh!

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